Welcome to FPPG training. We’re passionate about driving high performing franchise networks. We do that by developing people who support franchisees and building franchise peer performance group programs. This training site provides the training modules and material to support your learning and successful application with franchisees.  

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Training Tracks

There are two training tracks on this site. Your organization has selected which one aligns with current organizational goals. See below to learn about the content and expectations for each track.

The People Development track is based upon feedback from franchisors and franchisees, industry experts, research and our experiences in psychology, business operations, and franchising. The content is designed to promote a well-rounded learning experience and includes concepts from business acumen, business psychology, accountability, franchise relationships and coaching skills.

This track includes 6 modules. Plan on a total of 4 hours to complete; we encourage you to watch it again throughout the next year as needed. This training includes downloadable material that complements the content, helps retain the information and practice new skills when supporting franchisees. Each module includes bios for guest speakers and a competency quiz. The quiz is 5-7 questions and should take less than 5 minutes. Once the quiz is complete, your organization will receive a completion notification. If you are here for the FPPG Program/Facilitator training, the next training track will be accessible once this track has been successfully completed. If you have additional questions, please review the FAQs.


The Program Development track is designed for franchise organizations who are building new peer performance group programs or rebooting an existing one. The training explores the benefits of peer groups and how franchise peer performance group programs are different.

This track includes 4 modules. Plan on a total of 2 hours to complete; we encourage you to watch it again throughout the next year as needed during the pilot phase. The modules include peer performance group foundation, FPPG foundation, FPPG Draft and Facilitator Skills. This track comes with downloadable material to complement the training and use as needed. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

FPPG has worked with your organization to determine the best training that aligns with your strategic objectives.  Therefore, you will have access to either the People Development track or FPPG Program/Facilitator track, which includes People Development as well.

The Program Development track was developed to elevate the confidence and skills of anyone who regularly interacts with franchisees.  The training includes techniques to build stronger relationships, have more productive conversations and effectively hold others accountable. 

The FPPG Program/Facilitator training is not only for people who may become group facilitators. Rather, this training provides the opportunity to anyone in the organization to gain an understanding about the benefits of peer groups, why franchisees should join a FPPG, the importance of group selection process to maximize outcomes, and more.

The People Development training takes 4 hours. There are 6 modules with a quiz at the end of each to confirm your understanding of the material. The FPPG Program/Facilitator training has 4 modules and takes 2 hours. The FPPG track includes People Development, which is where you’ll begin. Your Program Manager may have you complete the training individually or as a group, depending upon preferred approach and logistics of the team.
Valuable programs are only successful when people are trained, prepared and confident to implement them.  Whether you’ll be a facilitator or supporter of the program, the people development training can set you up for success. This program was developed by evidence-based research, feedback from franchisors and franchisees, and our experience in franchise support, peer group facilitation and being a franchisee. 
Whether you are here for People Development or FPPG Program/Facilitator training, you’ll find additional materials to help you maintain and practice new skills. In each training track, you’ll find downloadable material attached to applicable videos and all materials can be found in the introduction module.

If you have questions about training site, the FPPG program or your role within it, please contact your Program Manager. This person is the point of contact within the organization who is responsible for coordinating FPPG training and program implementation. For immediate assistance please contact info@fppg.org.